Friday, January 15, 2016

PPC | 珍珠坊: A Public Living Room

The Site:
The People’s Park Complex, with its cornucopia of activity and visual clutter, has played pivotal role in the transformation of Chinatown and Singapore’s architectural, spatial and social landscape since its birth in the 1970s. Known for many firsts, including being the tallest residential space and mix-used building encompassing residential, office and carparking facilities, the Complex continues to capture our imagination, as it shapes and is shaped by the activities, movement and humanity in and around the building. 

The Exhibition:
The ‘PPC | 珍珠坊’ exhibition, aptly held at the sixth floor carpark space of the Complex, aims to respond to notions of the ‘public living room’, where distinctions between the public and private are blurred, and human intervention is juxtaposed against the sterility of infrastructure and hardware in our urban environment.

Through this new and immersive reading of the carpark and Complex, we invite audiences to reflect on and suggest alternative ways of appraising the treatment of public space, and at the same time, explore the hidden potential of parking architecture taking on a different existence.

Visual artists:
Alecia Neo // Andreas Siagian & Budi Prakosa (Lifepatch) // Bruce Quek // DEM // Ernest Goh // Geraldine Kang // Jason Lim // Nakayama Yuta // Nicola Anthony // Philipp Aldrup // Ruyi Wong // Soph O // SSYSTM // Stephanie Burt // Tang Ling Nah & Activated C Studio // TraseOne

PPC Performance Dialogues:
Daniela Beltrani // Ezzam Rahman // Sophia Natasha Wei

Special showcase:
Picturing Chinatown

Music acts and collectives:
Darker Than Wax // H Y B R D T H R Y // NADA// Nicholas Chim // Randolf Arriola // The Pinholes // 弦'z ~The Stringz~

Getai Group Presents:
A/K/A // DEON // Syafii // Kindakid // Fzpz // Shaktiya // Yadin // Harv Chail

Soph O // Andreas Siagian + Budi Prakosa (Lifepatch) // Michelle Lai

PPC Walkthrough Tour:
Dr. Johannes Widodo (NUS Architecture, ICOMOS)
Event details:
Dates: 15 – 30 January 2016
Exhibition Opening: 15 January, 7pm till late
Stay tuned for full schedule and line-up

General opening hours:
Tues – Thurs: 6 – 9 pm
Fri – Sat: Timings vary due to special events
Sun: 3 – 9 pm
Closed on Mondays

FREE ADMISSION (except special events)
Connected by: Hyphen
Part of: Singapore Art Week
Supported by: National Arts Council and Mackie Singapore
Venue and F & B partner: Lepark
Heritage partner: Singapore Heritage Society
Innovation partner: VoiceMap
Material sponsor for Nicola Anthony's work: NPE Art Residency
Catalogue design : Jasmine Ho

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