Sunday, October 11, 2009


Big Ups to RCGNTN for foLLowing my stuff.

You can check out their stuff HERE

RCGNTN was started in July 2009 as a magazine dedicated to local talent.

With the lack of exposure given to Singaporeans passionate in their craft, there was a need to put the spotlight on these talented individuals to recognize what they can do, and to change the common misconception of local/ Asian talent.

This magazine is for those who chose not to give up; for those who choose to break out from the generic mold; for those who work or take (multiple) jobs on the side to keep pursuing their passion; for those who do it for the love not the money; for those who work hard and deserve a break; for those who need hope- this is for all of us.

With this, we plan to push Singapore to the world, for we all deserve some RCGNTN.

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