Sunday, May 29, 2011


You saw it first on TR853-1.COM

This latest series will be in TR853-1's inaugural solo exhibition, entitled "FreeThem".
More details on exhibition date and venue soon.

"FreeThem" addresses a socio-political issue of a hovering overpowering entity and the need to break away from the abnormality of systems by stepping out of comfort zones. In this latest series, an interventionist approach is employed to suggest to the viewer that life should not be constrained by boundaries and restricted space.

The artist depicts himself as a puppet governed by others and not himself. But the quest for freedom sees him breaking away from whatever that controls him through the red strings. He breaks free, negotiates and intervenes with his surroundings to escape from a dull white environment.

This is TR853-1's 1st solo exhibition. So be free and be there.

Break out

Censorship is

I control me

"If you took the bait, you will get hooked, like a fish!" - CST

No boundaries

Step out

Transparency 1

Transparency 2

Transparency 3

Transparency 4

Working the system