Monday, October 19, 2009

R.I.P Farhan Kassim (1983-2009)

My Bro Farhan @ NomaD Mercer, from compLete strangers in the same coLLege.. to becoming riding buddies.. tho i have onLy known u for such a short period of time. but those times were aLways fiLLed with Lotsa Laughter and fun. haven't met u for some time.. i missed you and we agreed to go to the wedding together today.. eventuaLLy never heard from you. i onLy got to see you LifeLess, hours Later. Gone too Soon. Sadder to know your Life was taken at the expense of the reckLessness of others. You died Innocent Bro.. and the heavens is where you wiLL be.

It was an honor to have known u. I Love You n I Miss You.

Rest In Peace. Ride The Skies Bro!

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