Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Throwback 2005 - 100 Caps

Shout out to a fellow collector of my work, Anton Ngui.

He sent me an email recently to touch base, and also a few pics of my painting which he bought at a show here some time in 2005. It is now in Malaysia.

"100 Caps" was a piece I worked on back in art school, experimenting with the theme of pop art.
I chose the spray caps as an object of choice not only as it is one tool that I often use, but also to highlight the fact that though these caps appear similar in shapes and build, the effects created definitely vary between one another. The piece is best viewed at close range to appreciate each texture and pattern.

It is one of my favourite works, and it sure is comforting to know that it's well taken care of. Thank you Anton, may God bless you, Linn and your newborn Adira!

Photos courtesy of Anton Ngui

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